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Rosemount Office Systems

US Office Furniture is a remanufacturer of Rosemount Office cubicles.

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US Office Furniture
842 Industrial Drive S.E.
Lonsdale, MN 55046
Phone: 507-744-3640
Fax: 507-744-3644

About Us Office Furniture

US Office Furniture is a refurbisher of major manufacturer, commercial grade office furniture. As we purchased used materials, we noticed that much of the materials we found didn't require refurbishing. The like-new products we provide has created even greater cost savings for our clients.

We provide products from manufacturers such as XX. These exceptional value product lines are wrapped in a host of services such as liquidation, installation, leasing and renting.

Our Clients...

  • Understand the value of commercial grade, contract office furniture
  • Appreciate high quality office furniture
  • Know the value of a dollar, and better uses of their capital than office furniture
  • Seek to simplify and shorten the usual 4-month furniture specification/manufacture/delivery cycle to as little as 10 days
  • Are looking for a source of furniture without the usual biases toward one manufacturer or one price point
  • Are looking for straight-forward, transparent, and honest project agreements
  • Are planning to grow, move, or restructure
  • Are looking for professional facility services
  • Are looking for legitimate alternatives to the "furniture system" they have

Specific Project Applications
US Office Furniture has undertaken numerous projects, including highly focused applications that include:

  • Systems furniture design and installation
  • Private offices, managerial and executive
  • Desks, credenzas
  • Seating and reception
  • Call centers
  • Filing solutions
  • Work groups
  • Conference rooms
  • Office System Reconfigurations
  • Relocations