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Rosemount Office Systems

US Office Furniture is a remanufacturer of Rosemount Office cubicles.

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Rosemount Office Cubicles

40 Rosemount Office Cubicles 5 Private Offices Rosemount Mostly 6x8 and 8x8 Very nice 612-508-4906

Category: Cubicles/Workstations
Fabric Color: Grey
Table Top: Grey Dimensions: 8x8/6x8
Qty. Available: 50 and 5 Min. Purchase: 1
Price: $$695 ea.

Used Cubicles MN

Great shape 6x6 or 6x8 with corner, overhead and drawer 612-508-4906 Cheap Used Cubicles

Fabric Color: Grey1
Table Top: Grey Dimensions: 6x6
Qty. Available: 25 Min. Purchase: 1
Price: $$695 ea.

Cheap Used Cubicles MPLS

5' Wide 61" high 50 available Nice shape Telemarketing Cheap Used Cubicles $150 each Cheaper than a desk 612-508-4906 Cheap Cubicles in Minnesota

Category: Cheap used cubicles
Fabric Color:
Table Top: Dimensions:
Qty. Available: 50 Plus Min. Purchase:
Price: $$150 ea.